Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sun Huat Kee Restaurant, Bangsar

Lorong Ara Kiri 2 is a real jewel of Bangsar that yet to be discovered, the food that this street can offer. There are plenty of hawker food waiting to offer you as there about 3 coffeeshop, 1 upmarket ipoh "kopitiam", indian restaurant and even Domino Pizza is located on the same row. One of the coffeeshop that triggered myself completely was Sun Huat Kee, located next to Domino Pizza. Sun Huat Kee itself specialised with their signature Hakka "Yeong Tofu" during the day.

It was one tuesday nite we visited this place together with citygal from kampungboycitygal, tankiasu from, xiu long bao & char siew bao from klpeopleklfood and jackson from jacksonkah. It was a truly food nite out with plenty of food and lots of variety

The "Yeong Tofu" comes in many variety such as fish paste stuffed brinjals, chillies, lady fingers, beancurd skin, tofu, and also deep fried "Sui Kow". I got to say they tasted really good. The texture of the fish paste is fresh, full flavoured, smooth and tasty. I truly love their fish paste stuffed brinjal, something truly to dream for.

This place also serve a variety of delicious local food such as their famous pork ball noodle. They own and franchise a few pork ball noodle stalls in town such as at ss17, Petaling Jaya and even at the coffeeshop down the corner.

This pork ball noodles come in soup and dry dark sauce. They are also truly a signature noodle. I have them nearly every weekend or twice a week. The other noodle that can be found here is curry mee, ain't they look gorgeous, creamy and simply delicious.

Not to forget there is also vinegered pork trotters, I would give an A+, .......... lovely, soft and succulent. Very refreshing indeed.

Another dish that they dish out is the hot white pepper pig stomach soup. I find this dish not as exciting as the vinegered pork trotters. I would say average but still blend well with a bowl of rice.

As for drinks they had come up with this drink, "air bandung" with cut dragon fruit. Taste great, really a refreshing drink. The shop also offer the normal drinks that you can get from coffee shops and also got roti bakar.

By night, this shop serve different variation of food, surprisingly savoury poridge and also chicken rice. So yummy and we can't stop drilling into our bowl of poridge. They offer a variety of them such as pork ribs poridge, salted egg and century egg poridge, frog meat poridge and also the most known at home, the roasted pork poridge. We got to taste all of them and the verdict was fantastic. You can also order pan fried fish to go with your poridge and we had a "Mah Yau" fish and also a small "Pak Chong" fish, taste great.

I would say if you like to find something simple, delicious and got tired with cafe & restaurant food, this will be the right place to be. I would rate this eatery 9/10 and a thumbs up.

Sid xxx

Friday, August 3, 2007

Taiwan Street Snack ???

Shihlin - Taiwan Street Snacks - Old Wing One Utama

It was one evening that we had stumbled and discovered upon this unexpected cafe located at old wing One Utama shopping complex, PJ. We were suprised to see such a que and out of curiousity we went to the cafe and investigated. This shop is rather different or very unique as they sell 'mee suah' thick soup top with fresh oyster and large piece of deep fried boneless chicken. The 'mee suah' dish was so gorgeous and it did not stop us to have another bowl. That same goes with the deep fried chicken, crispy, spicy and yummy.

I would strongly recommend you to give a try at this cafe as their food is marvellous and do not be surprised that the que may be long.

Sid xxx

To Kill A Thirst - Ipoh White Iced Coffee

Sun Yuan Foong Coffee Shop, Ipoh

It was rather a hot and sunny afternoon in Ipoh and we were looking for something to kill our thirst and maybe some snack too. Mum suggested that we should have some Ipoh best known white coffee and toasted bread aka "roti bakar" from Sun Yuan Foong Coffee Shop located at Ipoh Old Town. It is the best coffee in town. The shop looked rustic and it reminded me my grown up in this little town. I am an Ipoh boy or Ipoh 'mali'.

Sun Yuan Foong Coffee Shop itself serves bread toast with kaya, butter or homemade peanut butter, half boiled egg, sausages, scrambled egg and white coffee. One thing that really striked me was the twin half boiled egg on toast. They are such a lovely and delicious dish. The eggs tasted so silk and full of flavour, together with the toasted bread, it leaves the texture of crunchiness and meltes straight through in your mouth.

Oh, what a wonderful and refreshing glass of iced white coffee and guarrantee a glass will not be enough. Sun Yuan Foong Coffee Shop also sells the white coffee powder and they are all home roasted white coffee. I quickly bought one packet myself and was looking forward to enjoy a cup at my own pleasure.

As you can see, the twin half boiled eggs were done at the right time and they just cooked so gorgeously, melts in your mouth and abundanced with flavour.

Lastly we had their famously known peanut butter toast. they are so lovely and yet not enough to kill my stomach.

I would really recommend this well known local coffee shop if you are here in Ipoh or you are stopping by.

Sidney xxx