Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Popiah, Canning Garden, Ipoh

This is something that I would die for when I am in Ipoh, Ipoh most delicious popiah. Just look at the crowd waiting for the popiahs. They do not come and just to buy one but plenty.... can I have 4 pieces, 8.....10 pieces. Therefore sometimes the que can be long but it is worth to wait for. This mobile popiah stoe can be found at Canning Garden, Ipoh.

The popiah is run by an elder but strong man in his 60's. His popiah consist of fantastic filling that most other popiah stall don't have such as crispy fried prawns and crab meat. Other fillings are cooked sweet turnip, cucumber sticks, hard beancurd, fried eggs and a dash of deep fried onion and garlic.

Popiah skins are placed on the wooden table, firstly he spread the hoi sin sauce and chilli sauce on the the popiah skin and a pieces of green leaf. Then he will place the fillings. One the fillings are done, he will start the wrapping process.

I would recommend everyone this popiah as this is the best popiah that I ever tasted and yet to find anyone one as delicious as this one.

Regards, Sidney

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bukit Tambun Seafood Restaurant, Tasek, Ipoh

Where am I now..... oh yes Ipoh, my hometown. Ipoh is just about 2 hours drive north from the city, Kuala Lumpur. Ipoh is a place known for their food and also not forgetting the 'menglembu' sun dry whole peanuts.

Ipoh, itself is known for hawker food such as curry noodles, beef noodles, fish ball noodles, popiah, satay, rojak and many more but the most famous thing that had been known throughout the country is the Ipoh White Coffee.

Here today, I would love to introduce one of Ipoh best seafood restaurant, the Bukit Tambun Seafood Restaurant which is located in the town called Tasek, and is famous for producing cement, the tasek cement company.

For myself, I really adore this restaurant because to the freshness of their fishes, prawns and crabs. Here they also serve life prawns, life mantin prawns, life sea snails and even life garupa fish and many other kinds too. The following are the dishes that we ordered during dining there:

Steam fresh and live Garupa Fish

Stir fried Sea Snails

Steam Fresh Water Prawns in Eggwhite

"Sang Har Mein" Fresh Water Prawns Noodle

Butter Baked Giant Life Mantis Prawns

Verdict: Fantastic, Well Worth Your Money!

From Sidney xxx

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Best Apong at Jalan Burma, Penang

Apong is a type of pancake that you can get in Malaysia. Strangely I am not an Apong fan but now I desire and crave for them so much that I search for them in the country, wherever I go.

Penang island..... is a place for Apong?... truely it is... The Apong Heaven,..... so fluffy, so creamy, so light, so soft and yet with the taste and a hint of sweetcorn and ripe juicy banana.

You can find these two Apong stalls just at the roadside of Jalan Burma, Penang and it is only RM0.30 (US0.10) a piece....... such a bargain for such lovely dessert. This Apong can be taken while they are warm and cold but I really prefer when there are warm..... so soft and so creamy, lovely as it melts in your mouth. I would say they are goes well with a cuppa of tea or coffee.

At each batches, nine Apongs can be generated from the moulded pan and takes about 5-6 minutes to ready. Therefore if you want to taste this heavenly delicious Apongs, you may need to place order them in advance or even mobile them, if not you may need to wait half an hour for yours. I was shocked when most customers order at least twenty pieces at a we ordered thirty pieces!

If you are in Penang Island , do not miss this lovely pancakes.... my truely heaven!

Love Sidney xxx