Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sin Hong Kee, Old Town, Ipoh

Sin Hong Kee is another gem of Ipoh when comes to chinese desserts such "kuih talam", "kuih ko chee", "woo tau kou" and also sweet soup dessert such as red bean, green bean and many many more variety.

They have been visited by 8TV programme "Ho Chiak" and gave a thumbs up, I definitely agree with them. So next stop in Ipoh for dessert would be Sin Hong Kee!!!

Yours Sidney

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung, Jalan Che Tak, New Town Ipoh

I was very surprised when my cousin sister, Jenny brought me to this place, Nasi Lemak Ayam Kampung along the corner of Jalan Yam Kalsom in Ipoh. We were there because I was hungry and was thinking of having supper. So Jenny recommended me a good nasi lemak which was her favourite supper. So we went.

You can select any fish and shellfish and can be cooked in many ways such as grilled, steam., three flavours, sweet & sour and tom yam.

Another specialty of the place is their steam coconut rice "kukus nasi lemak", it is really a gem, lovely, full of fragrance, tender rice and taste so delicious. It is a must order if you visit this place. Rice a placed into smallcups and coconut milk are place into it instead of water, then this steam process starts, lovely.

Yet another deliciously done is their deep fried countryside chicken "ayam kampung". The chicken marinate was good, full of flavour and as usual "ayam kampung" meat taste really good.

Sambal Sotong

A delicious set of nasi lemak comes with hot gravy, cuttlefish "sotong", hard boiled egg, a large piece of "kampung chicken" and coconut milk rice. Althought it is a bit heavy for supper but it is a real gem, we love it! Marvellous!

Yours Sidney

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seng Kee Stall, Hor Hee Noodle, Canning Garden, Ipoh

Gosh, there are so many lovely and delicious food in Ipoh and for example, "Hor Hee" noodle. There are a few stalls selling this typs of noodle in Ipoh but Seng Kee noodle stall is one of the oldest. As I can remember, it started before I was borned and so to say it is at least more than 30 odd years. It is a stall started from father to sons and daughter. The stall sells at Jalan Lahat, opposite ACS school during weekdays and in Canning Garden during sunday. What is "Hor Hee" noodle? well basically it is a fish soup based noodle with fish balls and fish paste block. The fish ball skin is crunchy as they are dried under the sun and the fish paste blocks are deep fried.

Lovely, deliciously deep fried fish paste block.

Tasty and crunchy fish balls

I truly love this noodle as it had been around for so many years and still going strong, thats shows how deliciously they are. It had been part of my growing up, mum like them too.

Love Sidney

K Ten, Clay Pot Chicken Rice, Ipoh

"Ipoh Ngar Poh Kai Fan", Ipoh Claypot Chicken Rice K Ten is one of the place where I alway visit with my mum and aunt whenever I am back in Ipoh. This eatery is located at Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh just behind of Tesco, Ipoh and the most happening place for Ipohniters. This eatery serve chicken claypot rice, preserve chinese sausages claypot rice, steam fish, curry fish head, vegetable dishes and on my most wanted list is their braised chicken feet "kai keok".

How can claypot do without rice?

Marinated chicken ready for the claypot dish.

Lovely preserved pork sausages and liver sausages, so delicious.

I calculated there is at least 24 hot and burning claypots getting ready to be serve to customers.

Oh lovely "Kai Keok" chicken feet braised with star anise "pak kok" and garlic. The chicken feet is so soft, so succulent and full aroma of star anise. Wonderful and a must for "kai keok" lovers! I love the dark sauce and I make sure I have it with the rice as it is so delicious. Only Rm5 a plate.

Chicken claypot rice as serve to us, warm, fragrant, moist and beautiful. There is also salted fish. A small claypot cost only RM5 and for a big claypot, it only cost RM10. So what is my verdict? Please continue to read.......

Only chicken feet bones and empty claypot left at the end of the day. Lovely, delicious, appealing, addictive and one more "kai keok" please. So this is a spot to be when you are in Ipoh!

Yours Sidney

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Yum Yum Tree, Pasir Pinji, Ipoh

Yum Yum Tree is rather a strange name but yet able to make it a household name in Ipoh. You may wonder why. why? Well every foodstall has it's own story to tell. For this one, it is situated at Pasir Pinji, a small village sited within Ipoh town. In fact this in Pasir Pinji you can find a lot of interesting cottage food similar to Yum Yum Tree such a the rojak and roast pork stall situated near the village market, homemake fresh rice pasta "Chee Cheong Fun" within Yum Yum Tree whereby you need to take your number in order to wait for your turn and many more.

I still can remember Yum Yum Tree started their stall at this rundown house but this year the owner decided to build a new coffeshop as shown below. What so famous about Yum Yum Tree? Well here you can get Ipoh's version of Yong Tau Fo whereby the most fillings are from fish paste. It is one of the best Yong Tau Fo that I ever come across and rather different from what you can get in KL because of the fish paste.

So many people were rushing for this freshly fried Yong Tau Foo..... look at those plates marching in line.

Look at those deep fried green stuffed green chillies, beatiful chillies than can make the devil out of you.

Deep fried stuffed beancurd roll is also another winner at Yum Yum Tree.

Lovely deep fried stuffed brinjal, so deeply purple and something I use to find in my mum's kitchen.

Oh how can we miss the Yong Tau Foo, isn't it all about Yong Tau Foo. I would really recommend this place if you are in Ipoh, you should not just pass by Ipoh but make sure you make an afford to stay for a few days to endulge with Ipoh's riches, Ipoh Food.

Yours Sidney

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Curry Noodle, Nam Chau Coffeeshop, Ipoh

I am truely a curry noodle lover and will travel anywhere just to enjoy every second of this spicy and full of aroma noodle. Nam Chau coffeeshop in Ipoh oldtown is one of them not to be miss. As usual the prices of food in Ipoh is much cheaper than KL, not surprising that this Nam Chau curry noodle is not expensive either. I love both dry and curry soup noodle.

Nam Chau coffeeshop also serve good Ipoh white coffee and the tradisional bread toast. So if you drop by at Ipoh ,do drop by at Nam Chau coffeeshop.

Yours Sidney