Monday, December 31, 2007

Restaurant De Hunan

I was introduced to this Hunan Restaurant by Chef Steven and was told that the dishes served here is gorgeous. I was told it is a must order for the Mao's Pork and also the steam fish head with salted red chillies. So what I did? I step into this gorgeous eatery.

I had tasted Mao's Pork when I visited Mao's Restaurant in Beijing. This Mao's Pork dish in Beijing tasted very different from what we usually get in Kuala Lumpur. It taste so soft, tasty and so succulent. Lovely! When I was at this eatery, firstly we were served with some unique tibits:

Seaweed Pickle

Lotus Root Pickle

Yummy thin slices Pig Ears

3 plates of tibits to start off with which is so delicious.

A lovely bowl of steam rice.

A skewered prawn top with black bean paste, lovely. Here we get bigger prawns but in Beijing the prawn is so micro small, lol!

"Lat Chee Kai" Hot Peppered Chilli Chicken

OMG! Mao's Pork....authentic lovely! A must for Porkie lovers!

Pig's Tail Claypot..... very delicious and with a touch of hot!

Oh! Lovely Hot Fish Head..... a must for hot lovers... "just like chasing the dragon"

Emperor noodles to be eaten with the fish head gravy.... fantastic!

If you are a porkie and also a fan of hot hot food, this is a place to be! Beijing on your doorstep!.

Restaurant De Hunan
No 2, Jalan Kuchai Maju 6
off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7987 9318
Opens: 11am - 11pm

From myself, Sidney


wmw said...

Wah...very porkie meal indeed! Happy New Year to you both.

Jason said...

Teckiee will like this :)

tekko said...

pork tail rice, that kills me! i will love it!

Jackson said...

wow.. looks like u found a great place offered authentic HUnan cuisine!! When is our turn?

Timothy said...

First impression, I thought that was a restaurant in China ... until I saw the address pointing to somewhere in KL. And .. I've been reading around .. you're getting quite a few good food review sessions eh.... Gotta keep up with u la ....