Monday, December 1, 2008



I noticed this burger stall named OTAI BURGER at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Craving for a burger had been in me for ages and without any decision, I ordered my burger . . . . . Burger Craving! I also noticed that there were a lot of Otai Burger stalls in KL.



Pan fried burger and also eggs! Looks awesome delicious!


Lovely prepared!


Oh my delicious burger! . . . . . . lovely and awesome delicious, so cool! . . . Sunny Yaw


Simon Seow said...

There's only Ramli near my place.

J2Kfm said...

Otai uses the same patty as Ramlee?
or diff one?

but nothing beats a late night snack like that one.

Tummythoz said...

I can only find Ramli & no-name burger stands so far. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Jean said...

Otai..I saw before too..
for me they are all the same..
Burger Special which the patty wrap in egg skin..XD

email2me said...

Hey dude,

We got it at Kota Damansara too.... just open not long ago. Just at the junction between DU Cafe's t junction.

Jean said...

Looks great.. I saw OTAI burger before but never try..
Next time will try it~~

Life VS Food said...

Wow it sure looks great!!!
The next time when i go TTDI i must try this!!

sakaigirl said...

This is killing me! now i'm craving for one too!

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Luis said...

Nice post! You always post the wonderful places where you travel.Well, these yummy scans made me hungry. So, I am going to have my dinner. Bye!



look like the same maaa
taste also same maybe

look 100% same one arr

name only diff.



look like the same maaa
taste also same maybe

look 100% same one arr

name only diff.


Horlic said...

Looks delicious but a bit oily.

Rakesh said...

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Enqvist said...

road side burger sometime taste better that those chain restaurant such as McD or Burger King, somemore is cheaper.


kristy lucas said...

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